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Imperial engagement: the sweet wife of the ghost king boss Professional

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He has been unwilling to reincarnate because he is not willing to be simple. And Jane has been unable to put down Jane Xuan, and Jane said he did not go to the United States before, he and Jane only a few times to meet, are Chen Yuhang to help him. If Chen Yuhang doesn't help him, he doesn't even have the ability to show up in front of Jane. It was not until he met the woman, the woman, that he had the ability he has today. It's just the way that woman taught. Jane Xuan flashed a look of despair and cruelty. He has been calling Chen Yuhang a monster, in fact, he is not a monster. However, Janeconscious Jane, took out a small tube from her pocket,digital touch screen board, which contained a bright red liquid. Dropped a drop into Jane's mouth, and then with the leaves, picked some dew, dropped into her mouth, to remove the smell of blood in her mouth. When this series of actions was completed, Jane also woke up. The moment Jane saw Jane Xuan, she instinctively pushed her away, but when she pushed Jane Xuan away, Jane Xuan handed her a lighter. Jane looked at the lighter in Jane's hand in a daze. Sister! Jane Xuan shook the lighter in her hand, "sorry,smart interactive whiteboard, I can't get too close to the fire!" After Jane Qing lit a fire, Jane Xuan walked behind a tree. Jane only heard the cry of a chicken, and then after a while, Jane Xuan came out from behind the tree. In his hand, he carried a chicken that had been disposed of. Seeing the fear in Jane's eyes, he was embarrassed to say, "Sorry, in front of you, deal with it, but in this place, it can only be like this!" Jane Xuan fixed the chicken, let Jane put it on the fire, and retreated to one side. He leaned against a tree and looked at Jane quietly. Jane looked at the chicken burning on the fire and said, "Jane Xiaoxuan!" If in normal times, Jane Xuan will certainly say with Jane, he is not the chicken, will also reiterate with Jane, he is not called Jane Xiaoxuan, he was not small, smart board whiteboard ,touch screen whiteboard, but today just should be a um! "Your sister, am I ugly today?" After living for so many years, Jane has never had a day like today, so miserable, such a gaffe! Jane Xuan nodded, "a little bit!" But, sister, in my eyes, no matter what state you are in, you are very beautiful. Chien Hsiao-hsuan, do you think Chen Yu-hang ever loved me? After the pain, the aod cry. However, she found that no matter how hard she tried, her eyes could not squeeze out a drop of tears. Obviously the pain in my heart is like being split, but why can't I shed tears. Jane Xuan turned her head sideways and looked at Jane,touch screen board classroom, who was leaning on her shoulder and twisting her face into a ball. Already stopped beating, already unconscious heart, at this time is a burst of pain. He had some doubts about whether he was doing the right thing. hsdsmartboard.com

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