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Huashan Headmaster Road Private

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Jiang Yan motioned to the Empty Monk, "Empty Monk, please use tea.    Empty color monk did not answer Jiang Yan's question, but asked Jiang Yan to say. Jiang Yan's face was calm and modest, saying,Mechanical fine screen, "Thanks to the good fortune of the little monk, Yan is really a great success." "The Xihe Sword Sect fell apart, and the four-grade sect in Dongmu District was missing. The highest master of the Jinyan Sect was only in the late period of foundation building. In addition to the Jinyan Sect, the practitioners of the highest realm of the three-grade sect in other prefectures in Dongmu District were only in the middle period of foundation building. In the four-grade sect that filled the position of the Xihe Sword Sect, there must be practitioners who built the Dzogchen realm." Empty color monk took a look at Jiang Yan, see Jiang Yan did not have any reaction, but is the cloud shadow beside Jiang Yan, plain hand holding a small chin, big eyes full of curiosity brilliance, staring at themselves, empty color monk had to continue to lobby Jiang Yan. This three-grade Zongmen gathering is for the position of the four-grade Zongmen. Today, only Jin Yanzong, rapid sand filters ,Rotating sludge scraper, the three-grade Zongmeng, is the only one who dares to covet the position. Xie Wenyuan is covetous of this position, but he doesn't know that this position has already been booked by the Zongmen. "As long as the layman is willing to show his skills at the clan meeting and get the approval of the major clans, Huashan will immediately be the first clan in Dongmu District."  According to the requirements of the Tiannan Sword Sect, the four-grade sects that could command the third-grade and second-grade sects in Dongmu District naturally had to be produced in Dongmu District. The Xixia Sect and other three-grade and four-grade sects all withdrew from Dongmu District and could not touch any part of it. The Xixia Sect, the Wuji Sect of the Southern Ming Dynasty, and the Beiyuan Sect,Wall Penstocks, the three four-grade sects were beaten to death, but in the end they withdrew their territory one by one. Moreover, the Tiannan Sword Sect of the five-grade sect strictly ordered that the disciples of the three four-grade sects of the Xixia Sect were not allowed to enter Dongmu District before the four-grade sect came into being in Dongmu District. khnwatertreatment.com