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Hot Demon Faction Novel Private

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At this time, like a small claw is coming apart, and he is very appropriate just between the four claws of the dragon, pressing the belly, so soft ah, really comfortable,fish measuring tape, the moment is very natural to rub. And the side of the rain and so on to see, not by Qi Qi rolled his eyes. "How shameless!" Said Jinyu angrily. "A lady-killer." Zi Yu. Hooligan Fire. How could I know him? Ao Cang Han is hard to talk too much. Ying Qinglian sighed and said, "It's really shameless not to let go of a child who has just been born." These words successfully let the dragon king and the dragon queen Qi Qi more angry, their child was born, unexpectedly began to take advantage of her, although sooner or later is a thing, but. Bastard. Climbing on Xiaolong's body, Mu Wuxie saw Xiaolong slowly open his obsidian eyes. The starlight was so bright that a small breath just came out and a small bubble came out. It looked beautiful and lovely. Mu Wu was so excited that he hugged her with both hands. He put Xiaolong in his arms and said happily,Adhesive fish ruler, "So cute, so cute. I like it. Come on, brother, kiss me." Say to ignore him 3721, aim at the face of small dragon is a kiss to go down. And the dragon just turned to see what was pressing on her body, so that she could not move, she saw a black guy pressed down, swallowed a soft mouth, a person and a dragon kissed. The air was silent, the space stopped, and the time stopped turning. The dragons around looked at the innocent wood of the little dragon who had just been born. They dared to kiss him in front of the Dragon Queen and the Dragon King. What can be tolerated is intolerable. I'll kill you. The dragon king stormed away, and his beard and hair stood on end. The air flow around him, ah, the murderous look, ah, became a chaotic space. The crackling lightning, the red flame, Walking measuring wheel ,Surveyors tape measure, and the ice breath were an all-round start. The dragon king was the strongest one in the dragon clan for so many years. It seemed that he could do everything like wind, fire, thunder, and lightning. At this time, he became angry and did not know that the wood was innocent. There's no whole body. | Xiaoai via hand typing, please specify for reprinting | "No, don't get excited and don't touch the child." The Dragon Queen hurriedly grabbed the Dragon King. Lao Tzu destroyed him. "Suddenly there was a lot of noise beside the Dragon Pool. Zi Yu, Ying Qinglian, Agni, Ao Cang Han and so on looked at each other and left without expression. It was so humiliating that they didn't know him. The result of the strong kiss to the dragon was that Mu Wuxie was hanged by the Dragon King for a day on the highest mountain range of the Dragon Valley, and was almost blown into a human being. In the days to come, needless to say, that is a lively, the fire side to take care of the child in the belly of the rain, although he or she has not affected the rain at all, but the fire that tension is needless to say, so they live in a lively place. And wood innocent side, the dragon king very 100% don't want to see the strong kiss his daughter's weeds,Fiberglass tape measure, so in wood innocent try every means to see the dragon, ready to molest, and the dragon king spent thousands of square defense. tapemeasure.net