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His Little Warmth-Milk Tea Hamster Private

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Despite running very fast, the two men were still half drenched by the rain all the way down. Sang Nuan's little white dress was even more tragic, and the rain fell down bit by bit, fell on the floor, and soon piled up into a small puddle. Mo Siyuan walked back to the bedroom, and when he came back, he had a set of pure cotton pajamas in his hand and handed them to her. Take a shower first, change your clothes and be careful not to catch cold. "Oh." She smiled, hugged her pajamas, lifted her legs and walked away. Mo Siyuan reached out and stopped her. Study He pointed to the door she was heading straight for and backhanded to the other door. "That's the bathroom over there." "Oh, oh." Sang Nuan stuck out his tongue, looked up at him with a silly smile, and hurriedly trotted into the bathroom with his pajamas in his arms and closed the door. The heating light snapped on. The bright light immediately illuminated the porcelain walls around it, and also made the mulberry warm eyes squint in an instant. The whole bathroom was very clean and tidy. The snow-white wall tiles were reflected by the golden light, and the golden spots were flowing faintly. Sang Nuan stood in the bathroom and looked around, only to feel a sigh. His bathroom was bigger than the whole bedroom of her rental house. There are many bottles and cans on the shelf facing the shower, square, round, long and flat, beautifully packaged, but most of them are in foreign languages. Sang Nuan picked it up and looked at it one by one for a long time. The only thing he could recognize was the 150ml,plastic pallet crates, 100ml and 175ml marked above. He couldn't help but have a headache. This is all with what ah. For a long time, she couldn't tell which was the shower gel and shampoo, so she simply ignored it. Stack your pajamas on the farthest shelf from the shower, smile at yourself in the mirror, and start slowly pulling off your clothes. At that moment, the door was knocked. Sang Nuan was startled. He immediately lifted up his underwear, which had just been half-stripped. He looked around and pulled down a dark green towel from the side and put it around his waist. He said in a panic, "What's wrong?" Carefully rubbing against the door,plastic pallet suppliers, she quietly pulled the door open a small crack, revealing a small head. Mo Siyuan stood outside the door. I just want to tell you that the white 175ml bottle is shower gel, the black one is shampoo, and the white 100ml one is conditioner. I'm afraid you don't recognize it. "Oh, oh." Sang Nuan nodded in a daze and closed the door a little smaller. "I know!"! Is there anything else? "And," Mo Siyuan's expression is faint. " The brown towel is for hair, the white is for body, and the dark green one around your waist. Lowering his head, he looked at the towel on her waist and kept silent. It's for cleaning the toilet. “……” The author has something to say: "I blessed a day I found you." From the movie Heartthrob. Outside today, I didn't have time to refine the manuscript. There should be some typos and so on. When the author goes back to refine, all the little angels will take care of it. In addition, the second one today is more likely to be a little later, the author is still floating outside T T, but it will be more, believe me! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ Chapter 79 By the time Sang Nuan came out of the bath, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill pallet, Mo Siyuan had changed out of his usual household clothes and was standing in front of the kitchen counter, cutting a  cook a ginger soup, and it will be ready soon." "Ginger soup?" Sang Nuan blinked and asked, "Mo Siyuan, have you caught a cold?" "No,plastic pallet containers, but nip in the bud." Achoo! Before he had finished speaking, a sudden sneeze came out, and his voice was stained with a little jar. Sang Nuan laughed out loud. binpallet.com