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Hi, my man over the author's endless brown sugar water. Private

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I was very happy on the day I moved on the weekend. I had a ring first and then a house. It was like I was really married. On the first day of moving there, I held hands with him to buy vegetables in the market, feeling as happy as a primary school student preparing for a spring outing. I said to the aunt selling onions, is my husband handsome? The aunt who sells onions laughs and looks handsome. I said, if you are handsome, just add two more onions. Qin Ke squinted at me. Your way of bargaining is really unique. I touched his white face and said, "Dear, I'm making the best use of everything.". Back home, he is responsible for washing rice, I am responsible for cooking, he is responsible for choosing food, I am responsible for cooking. Some people may question my cooking abilities, but I have to tell you that I am the so-called "FOOD GOD" woman ". Even after Qin Ke ate it, he was full of praise and said that when God closed the doors and windows for people, he would still leave an exhaust hole. After dinner, Qin Ke sat in front of the computer to write a paper, I went into the bathroom to take a bath, looking at the new pink underwear, I laughed. After taking a bath, I stood in front of the door and stroked my forehead. I said to Qin Ke beside the computer, "Ah, I'm so tired. I'll go to bed first.". He smiled and nodded,Flush valve price, covering the quilt. There are two small beds in the bedroom, separated by a distance of half a meter, but the distance of half a meter is nothing to the Qin beast, that is a seam. Oh, oh, it's a little dangerous, I thought as I lay in bed. When Qin Ke came in, he happened to find my beauty and pounced on me. Shocked,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, I covered my chest and shouted, "Ah, what are you doing?"? He grabbed my hand and said with a smirk, "You can follow me today.". I looked at him timidly, don't ~ He laughed three times. Ha ha, beauty, don't you think it's too late to say no? And then-ah-don't-@ # ¥%. Hey, I'm really worried. I wanted to lie down and wait, but maybe I was really tired, but I really fell asleep. Unexpectedly, I slept like this until dawn. When I opened my eyes, Qin Ke said above my head, "Get up quickly, you have the second class in the morning.". I lifted the quilt and looked at myself. It was more perfect than He Shi Bi. Qin Ke sat in front of the computer and fiddled with his broken paper and said, I don't have to go to school today. Eggs and water are on the table. You can go by yourself after eating. It takes some time to get a ride downstairs. I put two eggs in my purse, "Oh", Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, closed the door and left. After going out for five minutes, I patted my face. What's there to regret? It's so childish. When he came back in the afternoon, he was still catching up with his paper. I'll go up. You won't be in front of the computer all day, will you? Why is it so hard. He stood up, stretched himself and said with a smile, "Are you hungry? If you are hungry, I will go to heat the food.". I'll stop him. I'll do it. You take a break. It's yesterday's leftovers. Just turn it over. I turned it over, and he suddenly stuck it behind me. He hugged me and said, I'm sorry, Jiang Wen, I'm a little busy recently, and I may not have much time to accompany you. The curly hair beside my ears was tickled by his breath. I pushed him away and raised my chin and said, "I'm kidding. I'm very wise. How can I care about you? All right, get out quickly. Don't hinder me.". After dinner, Qin Ke washed the dishes outside. I looked at the new fruit-style underwear in the bathroom. It was unlikely, but in case, I'd better put it on. As a result, it was another quiet night. When I met Tian Lan at school, she winked at me ambiguously and said, "Do you, ah, have you?"? "Boring," I told her, putting on the serious face of a high school principal at a morning meeting. "You are so poor and boring.". I have been laughed half to death by her since the last Valentine's Day. If I tell her now that it is such a situation, don't, don't! One day has passed, two days have passed. Days have passed like this. Who says cohabiting men and women are bound to have dangerous relationships? That's like putting & # 10048. ! But, but why am I so safe? Is it just because he's busy?  should you go into the obligations of a girlfriend? The flames on one side were still burning, quietly spitting fire letters and licking the air around them. I looked at him close at hand and swallowed my saliva stiffly. He leaned forward closer, smiled softly, and said,Self-closing Faucet, "Go, wash the dishes.". My hand suddenly trembled, and the dish touched the bowl next to it and made a "clang" sound. cnkexin.com