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Harmless Spellmaster Professional

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"Ah, I said, Colonel, we are a mercenary regiment for profit. How can there be a reason for guests to come and go out?" Said Inky Cong Cong, taking a sip of tea. That is, the Spring Defense Force is still our friendly gang. Colonel, your official prestige is not small recently! This time it's Xiaoshuai. Xiao Nuan glared at the two women who kept laughing-these damn guys, this is not pushing her into the fire pit! Hum, definitely want to usurp power and kill! "I also know that Xiao Nuan is not short of money, so I have prepared this thing that you must lack." Smiling, the beloved of God took out a silver-white staff inlaid with magnificent moon-yellow gems from the package and handed it to Xiao Nuan. Moon yellow, moon yellow again.. When Prince Locke tricked her into taking him to Usis, the robe he used to seduce her was also moon yellow. Small warm conveniently took the staff, while thinking about how to refuse, while curiously looking at the attributes of the staff. Dark Curse Staff (Gold): Physical Attack 1-1 Magic Attack 1-1 Wisdom + 20 Agility + 15 Curse spell skill success rate + 5 Skill Recovery Speed + 10 Durability 100/100 Equipment level 20 This staff is a complete piece of garbage for any mage in the fantasy world. But for Xiao Nuan, this is priceless! This is a Spellmaster's weapon! Drops of saliva rolled down the girl's delicate mouth like petals. She tried to put away her extremely unpromising expression, with a very ladylike smile on her face, and said: "I don't deserve such a great gift.". You'd better take back the pet Sect Leader. "This is not a gift, how can this gift match such a beautiful woman as Xiao Nuan?"? This is just a reward for helping me finish the task. The alliance belongs to the alliance, and the reward must be given. Then my commission. Go? Or not? Fifty thousand gold coins, she really doesn't catch a cold, but the staff! As God is my witness,Serum Bottle With Dropper, she wants it very, very, very much! Anyway, after helping him complete this task, he will get the skill book, which is also his own compensation. This staff, in the hands of others is also a garbage, it is better to give her. She's not greedy, she's saving resources. It's not easy to make a golden weapon, you can't waste it. She is not greedy for money, not money worship. She is for the friendship of the mercenary regiment and the allied gang! Yes! For friendship! "Xiao Nuan, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, say yes.". It's an obligation to help the allied gang. The whale could see Xiao Nuan's psychological activity at a glance and interrupted in time. Anyway, the most they can do is to kill the damn Prince Locke, The scroll suddenly burst into a gray and black light, and a black hexagram gradually appeared on the scroll,Glass Cosmestic Containers, and the dense handwriting slowly emerged. Small warm slightly surprised to look at this strange way to open the scroll, good dragon winter, what is this thing? Isn't it just a skill task? The main tasks I received a few days ago and the small circle were not so fancy. Think of the small circle. She felt only a slight pain in her heart. He really stopped contacting himself. They don't even come to do their own tasks. Why on earth? He said that to himself. After doing something like that. But hiding from himself. Is that really just a joke? God's favorite saw her big eyes with a slight absence. I thought the beauty was shocked by her "handsome" posture. Shake the silver hair in front of the forehead. Read word by word: "The first link of the mission is -- er.". Uh. That one Namely That one "Uh.." "What are you talking about?". Say what you have to say! 。 penghuangbottle.com

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