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Half-demon pity Professional

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“…… When she's older, she'll have to wait for the princess to come back. Said Liu Yan. The present situation, where can accommodate his feelings of lovesickness? "Lord Tu!"! Lorgo and tell Wang Ye now!" Tu Long turned and walked to the Xiyuan. When Tu Long and Liu Yant t of the city! Chaotic war, overnight, the periphery of the imperial city into a bloodthirsty place like purgatory! This war paid a heavy price. With corpses everywhere and rivers of blood,small geared motors, it was the most painful bloody battle in the history of Huage. When Lin Yizhi fought his way out of the tight encirclement, his army had been halved, and the soldiers sent by Lin Ran to defend hYizhi clenched his teeth, Small Dc Gear Motor ,micro gear motor, "I don't understand why you want to use such means!"! To push our two brothers to such a point! Lin ran is no longer the gentle face of tzhi's army! "Kill!"! Lin Yizhi held his sword high and rushed into the battlefield! This is the first time that the two brothers have met on the battlefield. It was also the first time that two men held swords against each other. The figures of Lin Ran and Lin Yizhi are interlaced together, the horses are hissing and the people a i's eyes were dark. "Xi'er." He finally murmured. Tu Long saw Lin Yizhi fall in front of his eyes,Micro Gear Motor, and his mind was blank! “…… Lin Ran. Lin Ran! Lin ran!!! Tu Long clenched his sword and went straight to Lin Ran! "Protect Your Majesty!"! Escort! Escort!!! The soldiers pressed Tu Long-Tu Long has completely collapsed! He waved his sword wildly and had only one thought in his mind! Kill Lin Ran! Tu Long was so angry that he lost his edge between his swords. They oppressed him and caught him! The number of the two armies has been set. Lin Ran! I'll kill you! Tu Long, who was pressed to the ground, roared loudly. What's the matter Do you also want to fight with me for that woman? Lin ran hooked his lips and smiled softly. Shut up! Don't defile the princess! 。 ichgearmotor.com

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