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Guangling Sword-Liang Yusheng _ txt Novel Paradise Professional

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Fang was surprised and uncertain, only to hear a familiar voice say, "I told the prefect of Datong to take care of the Yun family at the beginning, and they really took care of it cas Huyan Long, the eldest of the Huyan brothers. Long Chengbin said with a wry smile, "Today is different from the past. As a border guard,facial recognition thermometer, he is naturally well-informed. Do you think he will still care about his old love when he learns about our family?" "Just because he was well-infaccident in Datong, and I'm afraid it was also his secret protection. How could he harm the childe if he let the old man go? Long Chengbin said, "I'm not afraid of being known, but I'm most afraid of being seen. If we swagger to the General Yamen for accommodation,touch screen digital signage, it will be difficult for him to do so.". It's better to avoid it. So I'd rather "commit the crime of breaking the seal and come to Yun's house for the night." Hu Yanlong said with a smile, "You're very thoughtful. No one will bother you here. It's much more comfortable than staying in an inn." As they spoke, they had stepped into the living room. Huyan Jiao had already lit a lantern to lead the way. Suddenly I heard a sneer. The light of the sword was dazzling. Yunhu was already the first to come out. He shouted, "Heaven has a way, but you don't go. Hell has no way, but you rush in.". Long Chengbin, open your dog's eyes and see who I am the four brothers drew their swords with lightning and formed a sword array. "Master," cried Puyang Kunwu, "if you can't escape, digital signage kiosk ,smart whiteboard price, destroy the document quickly. I'll get reinforcements to save you! He said this because he was afraid that Chen Yun would not let him go, so he specially pointed out that Long Chengbin had confidential documents hidden on his body. In fact, he had already taken away the most important documents. Long Chengbin was greatly worried, but he did not have time to "protest", suddenly, only heard the sound of a piece of broken gold and jade, the four brothers'swords had been cut off by Chen Yun's two swords at the same time! Long Chengbin suffered seven or eight sword wounds, of which five or six were the swords of the four Huyan bro. "Listen to their tone. General Datong has already let the old dragon thief go. The Golden Knife Strongholdrance, and I may not meet someone who knows us well in Waci." Chen Shixing said, "The Stronghold probably won't fight recently, will it?" The leader of the Golden Knife Stronghold said, "After the new defeat of Waci, the plan to force the emperor of the Ming Dynasty to seek peace in humiliation has failed a I want to give it to my elder brother." The leader of the Golden Knife Stronghold nodded his head and said,temperature scanning kiosks, "That's the right thing to do." Then he said, "Your elder brother Huo Tiandu is the founder of the Tianshan Sect. He is also recognized as the best swordsman in the martial arts world today.". I know your teacher will leave on the day you get started. If you have a chance to meet your elder brother, it's good to ask him for advice. 。 hsdtouch.com

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