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Fall again [rich and powerful family] -- Grumpy Meow Private

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She hadn't looked carefully before, and then she realized that his eyes were bright. It was brighter than the stars in the night sky behind him. He seemed satisfied with the answer, and his brows relaxed a little. Back to the lazy state before. Said carelessly: "I'm twenty-six." "What.." Song Xiya didn't react for a moment. Lin Jiayi looked into her eyes and said: "So don't treat me like a child." He just happens to have a face that looks young. Song Xiya's face suddenly turned red, burning red. She was a little embarrassed to be seen and pointed out directly. Her voice was waxy: "Well, I'm sorry." Sure enough, he seemed to know nothing. Lin Jiayi's eyes darkened. Put on your headphones and don't bother to speak again. The evening breeze blows slowly, this is the pleasant wind, but blows on Song Xiya body, only feels a little bit of wind extremely piercing. She didn't do a good job in the month of confinement, and she fell ill. Song Xiya only felt a throbbing pain in her calf, and every step she took was like a piercing heart. Walk with difficulty. Just around Lin Jiayi walking together, she did not want to delay his time. Had to continue to walk forward with difficulty. But the pain in the calf did not stop, but became more and more serious. As soon as she stepped out, she felt a throbbing pain in her leg, and when she could not stand steadily, she suddenly fell down. I had a real fall. People around her suddenly fell down, Lin Jiayi subconsciously wanted to pull her, but unfortunately the distance between the two people is a little big, and did not catch, so she fell down. He stopped and turned to her. "Can you get up?" He asked. Song Xiya nodded, put her hands on the ground, and got up. But the throbbing pain in her calf became more and more intense, and she could hardly control her leg. The body has not fully stood up, then because the leg support is not enough to lose the center of gravity all of a sudden, watching the heavy fall down. She has closed her eyes. The imaginary pain did not come as expected. Just feel the arm is pulled by a force, turn one's head, see the man beside as expected one hand is pulling her. He is very tall, and he looks at least 1.85 meters tall. Standing beside her was enough to cast a shadow. At this moment, he was holding her in one hand and in the pocket of his sports pants in the other, looking quite relaxed. Song Xiya had just been really thrown, and the pain made her eyes burst into tears. At this time, she tried to hold back the tears in her eyes. She sniffed and whispered unnaturally, "Thank you." "No." There was no expression on his face, but he did not let go of her hand. He took off his headphones and asked, "Can you walk?" Song Xiya did not think about it and nodded. My leg still hurts. But the road still has to go. It's a little remote here, and it's getting late at this time, not to mention taxis, there are few cars passing by. Lin Jiayi glanced at her and nodded slightly. He didn't say anything, but instead pulled her wrist and lent her strength. The pace also slowed down slightly. Song Xiya followed his steps and took two hard steps. She bit her lower lip, her heart already very grateful, has been struggling to support, Cold Drawn Tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, told herself, must walk back. Unexpectedly, Lin Jiayi, who was walking beside him, suddenly stopped. She looked up at him subconsciously. He immediately realized that his present appearance was too impolite, and hurriedly hung his head. He buried his head so that he could not see his own expression. Unfortunately, just looked up that moment, Lin Jiayi has seen her face. The tears were rippling, and the beautiful little face was so white that it was terrible. The only color was the red lips she  Chu Chen and is immersed in bone and blood. Naturally, life can be offered. ^ "Chu Chen, do you want me to die now or a year from now?" "If you can, immediately, immediately." "Good." ^ Duan Yu finally took a look at the eyebrows and eyes of Chu Chen,Precision steel tubes, who had dyed the ice. He smiled and destroyed himself, and immediately both his form and spirit were destroyed. But he didn't die. Ten years later, Duan Yu came back to life. cbiesautomotive.com

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