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Enmity in the gambling house Professional

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"I don't know yet, but I see that Ershaojun's eyebrows are worried. There must be depression in his heart. I believe there is always something we can help." Sure enough, under the thought of Lian Si lotus root, the two of them really helped to show thousands of sails in adversity. This is a narrativerness has this power, even if it is as small as a bean. It can also ignite the warmth in my heart. In the faint light, Zhan Qianfan clearly saw a dark shadow moving beside the pile of wood. He went to the shadow and found that it was a teenage boy who was next to the pile of wood, trembling. His eyes were filled with fear,Gear Reduction Motor, and he looked at Zhan Qianfan in panic. Some debris and broken branches were placed at the boy's feet, and his thin and ragged clothes were surrounded by a piece of "Why?" "Because I stole his wood!" Zhan Qianfan paused for a moment and then asked, "What's your name?" "Qu Zhijian!" "Qu Zhijian?"? Can you read? Can you write your own name? The boy nods: "My father is a scholar, once had taught me to read and write." "That's good,Parallel Shaft Gearbox," said Zhan Qianfan fearfully. "What are the three characters of your name?" "Qu yuan's bending, ambition, and firmness." "Qu-Zhi-Jian-a very good name. You should live up to this good name." "Er Shaojun," said Qu Zhijian, "I didn't mean to steal.." Zhan Qianfan lightly covered Qu Zhijian's mouth. No matter what the reason is, go and explain to the dream master in person and say hello to him! Qu Zhijian's face was bloodless: "I'm afraid!" Zhan Qianfan frowned and said, "If you can explain it to me, why don't you dare to explain it to me?" Qu Zhijian bit his lower lip and said, "Er Shaojun, if Mengdang cuts off my hands and feet, there will be no one to serve my mother." Zhan Qianfan raised his eyebrows and said, "Qu Zhijian, I can assure you that Dream Master won't cut off your hands and feet, but I can't guarantee that you won't be dealt with in any way!" Zhan Qianfan encircled Qu Zhijian's shoulders and walked to the small squatter house. Come on! Qu Zhijian, Planetary Gear Motor ,Vending Machine Motor, the man is a real man. He dares to do it. Since he knows it's wrong, he has to have the courage to recognize it! The door of then decided to cut down trees by himself, peddle by himself, contact buyers and deliver goods by himself, slowly open up a storefront, and then climb up step by step to build up today's situation. At the vis brocade clothes and carried, sawed and planed wood with him. He helped Meng Chan Jue take care of the dried logs, and he also lay on the ground,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, looking for tools hidden in the sawdust with Meng Chan Jue, and then ate steamed buns together to satisfy his hunger, teasing each other about their embarrassment and laughing together. ichgearmotor.com