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Enchantress goes against the world: Lingshi's wife is ruthless and arrogant Private

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The procession escorting the tumbrils had already gone far away. For example, now, the roads and houses in the city are all covered with snow, but the Fengyi Bridge is still clean and bright, and there is no snow. Standing outside the bridge, you can see the water flowing out of the round hole, just like a thin and long waterfall,push back racking system, which is very spectacular. He remembered how shocked he was when he first came to see it. The three words on the bridge were his own work, and the red cloud on her face had shocked his eyes. Fengyi Bridge. Fengyi Bridge. Feng Yan Qing, Bai Yun Yi, I Shi Qiao.. Realizing that he was actually thinking about Bai Yunyi, Feng Yanqing was somewhat annoyed. What he is thinking about now should be the third imperial concubine, the future Crown Princess, his wife, the daughter of Prince Anping, Anruo. Thinking of Anruo,asrs warehouse, Feng Yanqing raised a smile at the corners of his mouth. The woman he had to marry in this life was the apple of the eye of the powerful Marquis of Anping in Dali Dynasty, the first beauty in Dali who had both virtue and talent, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. The bodyguard hurried to the front and knelt down on one knee to report: "Your Highness, Bai Yunyi.." Escaped. "What?" Feng Yanqing shouted, shuttle rack system ,warehouse storage racks, her eyes fierce, "she is a blind person, how to escape?" "Yes," said the bodyguard with a shudder. We don't.. I do not know As soon as she was taken to the execution ground, she felt powerless. She couldn't see it, but she didn't know where to call out a dog. She, she, she.. Took the dog and left. Feng Yanqing murmured, "I made a mistake.."  Intervening in the royal family is her ultimate goal. Shifu spent his whole life in Foshan, but his wisdom and ambition could not be displayed. Before he died, he told her to leave the mountain gate and go to Dali Kyoto to use his wisdom to benefit the people all over the world. So she must enter the imperial city, it is best to be the emperor's adviser, so as to be able to plan for the people of Dali. Therefore, she was not surprised when many imperial princes and nobles came to invite her. Only one of them was the third prince in today's royal family, which made her have a unique heart. Meet,metal racking systems, is in a minister's house. She was invited to be a guest, and he came to the house with the rest of the royal family, and they met at the Peach Blossom Pool. kingmoreracking.com