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 When they read my message, you go to my soul tower, where I put the three holy vessels of darkness and the blood bat left by the blood emperor. You put them away, and in the future you can find a suitable person in the Dracula family to give the blood bat to him. Help him become the new blood king, so that the Dracula family can be under your control. As for the Dark Chancellor, he was hurt by Medusa's last gaze and will not recover for at least three years. Brother, I'm sorry. It's my fault this time. If I had made more careful arrangements, it wouldn't have been like this. Brother,caustic calcined magnesite, I really have to go. If you still want to see it, you can practice hard. Only pure dark powers above eighty-one can awaken my soul and possibly reorganize my body. I hope that when we meet again, you will have become the real king of darkness. The voice faded, the blood-red light was sucked back into the left arm, and the feeling of soul fit with Luojia kept coming from the left arm, but Luojia's soul had long been unconscious, even if she had heard the words before, it was only when she put her soul into the arm of Tianhen. Gently stroking his left arm, tears flowing down the eyes of the sky mark, "Luo Jia, you can rest assured that I will not be sad because of your death.". Because, in my heart, you are not dead at all, I will strive to reach the eighty-first level of darkness as soon as possible to wake you up, then, I will never let you leave my side again. Luo Jia, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,calcium nitrate sol, you are my first woman, how can I not want you? It's just that I'm a little confused when I see you again, and I dare not face it. I was wrong. Medusa's gaze, Medusa's tears, will be forever branded in the deepest part of my heart. Didn't you also send your sacred beast? Because you know, your holy beast can only die when you go out. My heart is very confused, please forgive me. With a deep sigh, the Earth Fire Dragon said, "I didn't expect that there were so many strong people among you humans. The two people who besieged you that day were each equivalent to more than 80% of my energy in my prime. If I still had the body with super defensive power before, maybe I could help you. However, I only have 60% of my strength. If I use 30%, it won't help you." At most, it can help you deal with a person who assists the siege, which is meaningless. I'm sorry, Tianhen. I'll try to make up for you later. However,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, your female friend's ability is too strong. I don't know how he triggered it, but her ability after triggering is much stronger than my heyday. Even if I have the body before, it's no match for her. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com