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Emperor Qianlong Private

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With me, no one can harm you. Huang Tianba's achievements in his life were almost all attached to Liu Tongxun's father and son. Liu Tongxun passed away suddenly. Although Liu Yong was trusted by Qianlong, his official position was not prominent enough. He was a detective and captor from an escort company. He was given the title of count all the way. The civil officials looked down upon him, and the military officers were not convinced and lost their backing. Immediately, he had the feeling that there was no landing on all sides. He heard so much gossip that he not only swallowed it himself, but also had to restrain his disciples and apprentices to endure it. Listen to Qianlong such words,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, full of grievance, helpless, awkward suddenly turned into tears, sad and sour heart, can not control, to be reserved how can be reserved? As soon as his body went limp in the chair, he knelt on the ground. He was already convulsing all over. He said bitterly, "Heaven knows the heart of a slave,10g Ozone Generator, and so does the Son of Heaven!"! The slave is satisfied. Long live master so care thoroughly, the slave still has a son of strength, can only be desperate to serve it. Qianlong motioned to the eunuch Sura to help him up. He wrung out the towel and let him wipe his tears and sit down. When Huang Tianba calmed down, he said, "I tell you, don't be so short of breath.". Minister Liu Yong's order to enter the military plane has already been issued, and you still listen to his orders-there is an errand for you. It's just that I've heard that your disciples are disabled a lot, and I'm afraid you can't do it. Huang Tianba, like a hound who had heard his master's orders, immediately sat up straight again, staring at Qianlong with his eyes shining brightly, and said, "They're all out of order. Where are they too spoiled to do anything wrong?"? Of the slave's first thirteen disciples, one died with a flower, the older disciple had a stroke and a broken leg, ceramic welding tape ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and the younger disciple went with the Fifteenth Master, and the rest were used. Long live master, in the water, in the fire, can not have the slightest ambiguity! "Oh, that'human sperm 'is also your apprentice." As soon as Qianlong smiled, his air became serious again. "This is a job," he said. Fifteen elder brothers are now in the Pingyi area of Shandong. "This is up to you.". "Go and see Liu Yong first. If you have any ideas, I'll tell him in secret." Qianlong thought that there was nothing he could do. After a while, he said, "Go down.". ” Watching Huang Tianba flinch out of the hall, Qianlong breathed a sigh of exhaustion, frowned and stood up. Seeing that the sky outside the window was already gloomy, the little eunuch was holding candles and distributing them to each room. "I'm afraid Fu Kangan is going to be on his way now," he said. You ride to Fu Fu to deliver the decree again. Fu Kangan and Liu Yong each wear a velvet cloak of lynx and monkey. They want bright yellow noodles to go to the Queen's Palace again and again. She's been with the old Buddha for a day today. She's tired. I'll turn over Chen's sign today, but I won't go there. With these words, Wang Lian came over and added a shawl to Qianlong, and several eunuchs escorted Qianlong to the Jianfu Palace where Chen lived. Jianfu Palace is located in the northwest of the Hall of Mental Cultivation. It is at the same level as the Empress Chu Xiu Palace. There is only one Xianfu Palace in the middle. Xianfu Palace belonged to Borjigit, the deposed empress of Shunzhi. With this bad luck, Jianfu Palace was regarded as a "cold palace". A group of people went through a dark lane, and a few eunuchs behind them were too frightened to turn back all the way, and then they pulled into the gate of Jianfu Palace without a step before they settled down. Qianlong, however,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, seemed to be in good spirits, and when he saw that the gatekeeper eunuch wanted to go in and report, he smiled and waved his hand and went into the hall alone. global-ceramics.com