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Emperor Phoenix's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine a Cai 108 Private

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When Wang Jinling and the nine emperor's uncles got together in the Wind Tower, all the ministers of the Manchu Dynasty knew that Sangong was the one left behind by the first emperor and was fair, but Wang Jinling was hard to say. In order not to let the nine emperor uncle a dominant, the minister said to add a minister to assist the government, by the emperor personally elected, nine emperor uncle did not have any objection to this. The situation was getting worse and worse, which made the emperor very uneasy. When he heard that the nine emperor's uncles and courtiers forced him to abdicate, the emperor was so angry that he spat blood and collapsed on the bed again. This time, the corners of his mouth were directly crooked and could not be closed. Had a stroke. [] Emperor Huang's Miraculous Doctor Abandoned Concubine 1627 This time, there is no need for the doctor to say that anyone who sees the emperor understands how seriously ill the emperor is, and no longer expects the emperor to go to court again, or to set up a new king obediently, thinking about how to stand firm on the throne of the new king. No matter how serious the emperor's illness was, it had nothing to do with the nine emperor's uncles. As usual, the nine emperor's uncles came to report to the emperor on the movements of the court. Your Majesty, the country can't be without a master for a day. My younger brother consulted with the old ministers and decided to abide by your decision. Let the prince succeed to the throne and let my younger brother be the regent. Uncle Jiu said easily, but the emperor was so angry that his whole body was shaking. Three Too, too. As soon as the emperor opened his mouth, the corners of his mouth spat white bubbles, and his limbs were so stiff that he could not lift them. Does the emperor want to say three dukes? And they agreed. Nine emperor uncle stood beside the bed, looking down at the emperor, eyes calm and deep, that is,High Speed Nail Making Machine, there is no winner's pride, there is no sympathy for the emperor, everything seems to be in his general expectations, no surprise at all. Uncle Jiu's attitude deeply stimulated the emperor, who bit his tongue and asked vaguely, "Why?" Three words. Only these three words, nine emperor uncle will know, the emperor is asking why the three public will be toward him. This is not a big thing,Automatic Nail Making Machine, nine emperor uncle generously told the emperor: "The emperor is not forgotten, how did you get this throne?" "Ah.." The emperor's eyes flashed a touch of consternation, the whole person was frozen on the bed, saliva fell on the bed, pulling out a silver thread, but he did not consciously. His most trusted Sangong has never been loyal to him. Brother Huang is right. Sangong has never been loyal to you. They are only loyal to their father. They are loyal to the successor chosen by their father. Obviously, you are not brother Huang. The nine emperor's uncle looked calm and saw more and more white bubbles at the corners of the emperor's mouth. He took the veil beside him and personally came forward to wipe off the white bubbles at the corners of the emperor's mouth. Brother, don't you understand by now? So what if Sangong is loyal to you? If you want your brother to die, the imperial edict of Jiangnan King's succession has been destroyed by you. Even if they are loyal to you, they can't change the situation. The emperor was ready to die and made a series of arrangements before he attracted the insect. As a result, he did not die at all. In this way, those arrangements had no effect and even brought danger to himself. The emperor would never leave the imperial edict for the king of Jiangnan to succeed to the throne. If the king of Jiangnan knew the content of the imperial edict, he would assassinate the emperor regardless of everything, and then ascend the throne justifiably, the emperor would not be depressed to death. Without this imperial edict, what the nine imperial uncles have to do is naturally easier, Automatic nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, and the succession of the eight princes is also justified. Now the emperor does not have the right to say no, but he simply cannot say no. ! Registered members can get a private bookshelf, which is more convenient for reading! [59 Literature Permanent Address: www.59to.com] [Text 1628 ascended the throne, Dongling finally fell into the palm of the hand] The power in the hands of the emperor is not small, but he can not call at this time, even if he can call can not change the fact that he is paralyzed in bed, unable to deal with government affairs. <-》 According to the present situation of the emperor, no matter how much power he has, he can no longer be the emperor, for the sake of the country, for the future of Dongling, another new emperor is necessary, even the emperor can not stop. The emperor intended to make the former crown prince and the current king of Jiangnan the emperor, so that he could fight with the nine uncles, but he couldn't say it. He could only watch helplessly as the nine uncles helped the eight princes who were under one year old and didn't know anything. Fortunately, nine emperor uncle to the emperor left an assistant minister of the quota, so that the emperor will not be  dissatisfaction could not stir up the waves, and the enthronement ceremony of the eight princes was held smoothly. On this day,Nail machine supplier, the emissaries from various countries and cities brought heavy gifts to congratulate the new emperor of Dongling on his accession to the throne. Far away from the fief, the prince was not allowed to enter the capital without an imperial edict, and the nine emperor's uncles were not kind enough to call people back to add to their own congestion. 3shardware.com