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Embroidery Lord: The Killer Princess Is Not to Be Trifled With Professional

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Long Moxuan raised a pair of red eyes and looked at the harp: "Why did you just come back?"! Mo Li almost died, do you know! Just a little faster. I don't have to hurt invincible. Just a little time! The crystal bottle in the harp's hand fell to the ground, invincible blood. What about invincibility? The harp turned and walked toward Shangguan's invincible room. "Uh.." yuan Zhu Mei opened her eyes with difficulty, but the hardest she could only open them to a crack, but. But she saw the back of the harp leaving in a hurry. Is it because I know that I drank that woman's blood? The harp.. But I'm on the verge of death now! You just came back and didn't even come to see me. Tears fell down the eyes of yuanzhu Mei. Mo. Seeing that yuan Zhu Mei woke up, Long Moxuan breathed a sigh of relief. He laid yuan Zhu Mei flat and tucked her in the corner of the quilt. "I'll go out.." he said softly. yuan Zhu Mei suddenly grabbed Long Moxuan's wrist and said feebly, "Lan.." Don't go.. I'm afraid Long Mo Xuan looked at yuan Zhu Mei frowning tightly together, he wanted to see invincible, now his mind is full of invincible. But Hesitating, he sat down. I'm not leaving. Why is this happening.. Why is it that every time I think I can live a good life, I will be pushed into the abyss, I am not a superman,plastic cosmetic tubes, I can not resist the past every time, I am so cautious that I dare not deliver my heart, that is, afraid of such harm, but. When I thought I could really rely on him,aluminium laminated tube, he was gone. Shangguan Wudi clenched his teeth and said in a loud voice, "Chi Jiao.." Don't leave me! I can't lose anymore. "No, invincible sister." I won't leave you! Never! I will always be by your side! Chi Jiao patted Shangguan on the back and coaxed him. Qin Se stood in the doorway and looked at Shangguan Wudi, who was sitting on the ground and crying bitterly with Chi Jiao Baotou. He walked quickly to Shangguan Wudi's side and wanted to pick him up. Get out Shangguan invincible said to the harp coldly. The movement of the harp froze there: "Invincible..." Shangguan invincible looked at harp that pair of sad eyes, hung down his head, tears more, she said with difficulty: "harp." I don't want to yell at you.. Get out of here! Leave me alone! Don't bother me.. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll shout at you, shout at you. I don't want that.. You get out of here! Qin Se showed a small face to Shangguan Wudi with difficulty: "You can shout to me and shout to me!"! You can beat me and scold me! As long as you're happy! Invincible Come on, custom cosmetic packing ,eye cream packing tube, I'll help you to bed first. It's easy to catch cold on the ground! "Brother Qin Se." I trusted you so much.. Why are you, too! You were like that after that woman showed up! Can't see her pain, her wound, all around that woman! I'm so disappointed in you! Look at the wounds on her body, how serious they are, and there is not even a doctor! Do you really care about that woman! Don't you like Shangguan Wudi? I thought you said you liked her! So why can't you see her injury and her pain! What do you like about her? Where did it go? Chi Jiao shouted to the harp and cried out, wiping his tears and squinting at the harp. The harp licked his dry lips and tears fell out. He patted Chi Jiao's head and smiled, saying, "I'm sorry.." "The harp.." Get out of here! Now the more I see you, the more uncomfortable I feel. Chi Jiao is enough! You go out! Shangguan invincible said feebly to prop up his body, toward the bedside. Harp and harp froze in place. For a long time, he stood up. Holding back tears, he smiled at Shangguan's invincible  him. Clothes silently narrate according to the facts. The demon's stunning body trembled and Mo Li came back to life. So Shangguan invincible is the reincarnation of Mo, she is now not a soulless body! Took.. Shangguan's invincible blood. They want to revive Mo Li,pump tube, but what about Shangguan Wudi? "What about Shangguan Wudi?" Asked the demon. Back to your Highness.. Before his subordinates left, he saw his wife blowing out candles and lying on the bed crying alone, as if he had agreed to leave tomorrow with Chi Jiao! The demon's stunning fists clenched tightly together. "Really?" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com