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Drilling technology Daquan, this must be collected! _ Drill Professional

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Original Title: Drilling Technology Encyclopedia, This Must Be Collected! Drill, as the most common tool in hole processing, is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, especially in the processing of holes in cooling devices, tubesheets of power generation equipment and steam generators. I. Characteristics of s, tubular chips, acicular chips, conical spiral chips, ribbon chips, fan-shaped chips and powdery chips. Key Chip Control in Drilling When the chip shape is not appropriate, the following problems will arise: ① Fine chips block the cutting edge groove, affecting the drilling accuracy, reducing the life of the drill bit, and even breaking the drill bit (such as powdery chips, fan-shaped chips,overburden drilling systems, etc.); ② Long chips entangle the drill bit, which hinders the operation, causing the drill bit to break or preventing the cutting fluid from entering the hole (such as spiral chips, ribbon chips, etc.). How to solve the problem of improper chip shape: ① The chip breaking and chip removal effects can be improved by increasing the feed rate, intermittent feed, grinding the chisel edge, installing the chip breaker and other methods respectively or in combination, so as to eliminate the problems caused by chips. ② Professional chip-breaking drill can be used for drilling. For example, the addition of a designed chip breaker in the groove of the drill breaks the chips into more easily removed chips. The debris is smoothly discharged along the groove, and the phenomenon of blockage in the groove does not occur. Therefore, the new chip-breaking drill obtains a much smoother cutting effect than the traditional drill. At the same time, the short scrap iron makes the coolant flow to the drill tip more easily,dth drilling hammer, which further improves the heat dissipation effect and cutting performance in the processing process. Moreover, because the new chip-breaking edge penetrates the whole groove of the drill bit, it can still maintain its shape and function after many times of grinding. In addition to the above functional improvements, it is woroscillation of the drill during machining. The swing of the tool holder has a great influence on the hole diameter and the positioning accuracy of the hole, so when the tool holder is worn seriously, it should be replaced with a new one in time. When drilling a small hole, dhd drill bit ,rock drilling tools, it is difficult to measure and adjust the swing, so it is better to use a drill with a thick shank and a small edge diameter with a good coaxiality between the blade and the shank. When the regrinding drill is used for machining, the reason for the decrease of hole aen the drrill, it is better to use a special machine tool for drill sharpening or a universal tool grinder, which is very important to ensure the service life and machining accuracy of the drill. If the original drill type is in good processing condition, it can be reground according to the original drill type; if the original drill is defective,Mining Drilling Equipment, the rear shape can be properly improved and the chisel edge can be grinded according to the use purpose. Attention shall be paid to the following points during sharpening: 1. Prevent overheating ? Avoid reducing the hgn and repeated tests. Therefore, the original edge shape should be maintained when re-sharpening. This article is from Momo's WeChat public account [UG NC Programming]. You can get the tutorial after paying attention to it. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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