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Drill bits of rotary drilling rig Professional

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Original Title: Drill Bits of Rotary Drilling Rig (How to Select Drill Bits for Different Bottom Layers and Classification of Drill Teeth) Rotary drilling rig is the most common equipment in the current pile construction. Because the geologyuble-bottom bailing bucket: It is suitable for pebble and gravel layer, moderately weathered soil-like soft rock, such as moderately weathered argillaceous sandstone,dth rock bit, argillaceous conglomerate, etc. Hard rock with high degree of weathering, such as completely and strongly weathered granite, is often used with barrel drill and spiral drill bit when drilling hard rock. 3 Barrel drill: Suitable for moderately weathered sandstone with obvious stratification (high probability of coring) and ring cutting of hard rock formation. In the soil layer with high compactness or some soft rock layers, when the friction drill pipe is selected to cause slippage,mining dth bit, the barrel drill can be used to deal with it. 4 Rock-socketed auger bit: It is suitable for the crushing of boulders, boulders andected soil layer cannot be used for drilling, the auger bit can be used for drilling. 5 Double Barrel Drill: It is suitable for drilling in pebble and boulder layers with grain size of 200 ~ 500 mm. The double barrel drill adopts a new drilling idea of "squeezing". That is to say, the broken stones and pebbles of different sizes are taken out of the hole after being compacted in the cylinder. In the design, the diameter of the outer cylinder is designed according to the diameter of the formed pile, and the inner cylinder diameter is designed according to the average particle size of pebbles, and the inner cylinder is higher than the outer cylinder. This drilling tool has been widely used in China, and is obviously superior to other drilling tools in terms of drilling efficiency and drill tooth loss. 4 Single-bottom bailing bucket of soil layer: The function of the drill bit is similar to that of a double-bottom bailing drilling bucket, down the hole bit ,Tapered Rock Bit, and the drill bit has the advantages that the drill bit has a side soil inlet, does not need to drill back to close the bucket door, and has higher drilling efficiency for the soil layer. The disadvantage is that its weight is light, for some hard soil layers, her drill bits are difficult to discharge slag in such projects can be effectively avoided. It is recommended to be used within the applicabooth should have the characted pebbles and soft rocks. 3. Pick Rock drilling teeth and wear-resistant alloy points provide greater pressure on the rock, which is suitable for rock crushing. 4. Gear teeth It is suitable for drilling in super hard rock, crushing rock by rolling, reducing rock vibration by cone rotation, and prolonging the service life of multi-wear-resistant alloy cutter. END Source: Rotary drilling rig escort service We are committed to protecting the copyright of the author, the source of the content has been marked,DHD Drill bit, only for the dissemination and sharing of knowledge. No other commercial profit, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete. Push Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com

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