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Don't stop taking the medicine, my Lord. Private

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The wound cut by Li Jia looked extremely dangerous, but it was not too much to avoid the meridians. After stopping the bleeding, it was not as scary as it had just been wrapped up with gauze. After drinking two mouthfuls of water, he leaned on the bed for a while, and a little blood had been restored to his face.  Don't move! Don't move! Xiao Hequan held her down nervously: "Look, it hurts. It's all hurt like this. It's time to mess around!" The mouth scolds, the hand strength extremely lightly helps Li Jia to rub her tingling shoulder and the waist. Seeing that she is hurt and easy to be bullied now, she dares to be scolded even if she kicks her nose. Li Jia threw him a cold eye,turmeric extract powder, turned his face to stagger the water he sent, hum! “……” Is this, annoyed? Hey, this girl has never been so careful before. In Xiao and Quan's heart, Li Jia's intelligence quotient and mind are far beyond those of ordinary men except for her gender. Her daughter's coyness has never been seen on her. How can it be so easy to get angry. The reason why Li Jia gave Xiao Hequan such an illusion was that she was not familiar with him at that time. For people who were not familiar with him, Li Jia was like a puffer fish, full of thorns. He was not afraid to die and bite a poisonous bite. Whoever touched him would suffer. So many people do not dare to approach Li Jia, and Li Jia has never been too lazy to care about strangers,naringenin price, giving people a kind of "aloof, cold, but smart and reasonable." Anyway, we are not familiar with each other. Once ripe, the bad habits and bad temper hidden under the thorns will be obvious. Xiao Hequan is the third victim after her grandfather and Xiaobai. Xiao Hequan scratched the back of his head, pulled down his face and rubbed past: "Daughter-in-law, let's eat something without drinking water." For the occasion, he said with a rumble in his stomach. Hungry. Li Jia spoke in a sullen manner. As a result, Xiao Hequan could only accompany Li Jia in a daze with hunger. After a while, someone came to the palace. It was Emperor Yan who sent him to console Li Jia for his injuries. He brought a basket of precious medicinal materials. Li Jianing listened, and the eunuch's shrill voice was mixed with the words of some strangers, as if the people of the Dali Temple had come to inquire about what had happened in the palace today. The Dali Temple was involved, which showed that Emperor Yan had intentionally gone deep into the matter, and it seemed that her two knives had not been in vain. Xiao Hequan sent away the officials of Dali Temple on the grounds that Li Jia was seriously injured and did not wake up. When he returned to the house, he had a plate of food in his hand, a cup of porridge and a dish of pickled cucumber. The herbalist said that Li Jia had lost too much blood and should supplement Qi and nourish the blood. But Xiao Hequan considered that she had just taken the medicine and that her appetite must be poor, carnosic acid price ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, so he took the initiative to let people cook porridge. Li Jia reluctantly let him feed half a cup and refused to eat any more. Xiao Hequan looked at her thin and pointed chin and accidentally said his heart out: "How can I have a baby after I'm so thin.." What returned to him was the pillow thrown by Li Jia with one hand, but it hit him badly. Xiao Hequan, who was honest, ate the remaining half bowl of porridge from Li Jia and dared to touch Li Jia's back: "I'll decoct the medicine for you. You sleep for a while first, and I'll call you up later." He went out of the room dejectedly. Turning into the deserted corridor, a gray shadow jumped down from the eaves. Wu Yi knelt down in front of Xiao Hequan and said, "General, that woman has been put into the prison of Dali Temple. Her subordinates can't get close to her for the time being." The moonlight leaked into Xiao Hequan's pupils, reflecting a pale color of colored glaze. For a long time, he said, "There's no need to check.". ” Wu Yi Leng Leng, simply doubt his ears, with the general to Li Jia's mind should not be "regardless of whether you are Dali Temple or the prison of the Ministry of Punishment, dare to hurt Lao Tzu's people, Lao Tzu will not strip you of a layer of skin!" Xiao Hequan looked sideways at the sparsely lit wing, and the wound on Li Jia's arm was not caused by someone else, but by her own hand. Chapter 44. As soon as Li Jia was injured, Xiao Hequan naturally left him in the general's office. But in one day, Li Jia's food and clothing expenses in Shangyi Jiayuan were all moved in, which can be described as amazing speed. When the last box of clothes was carried into the mansion, Xiao Hequan said to Li Jia with a worried frown, "If Quan Yu  all night long, and there is a sense that it will not stop until it is revealed. However, she was just a five-grade beadle from another country, far from worthy of such a big fight by Emperor Yan, which only showed that Emperor Yan wanted to use her to move Yu. Xiao Hequan,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, as the right-hand man of Emperor Yan, should be very busy at this moment, and Piansheng also made a very idle look to stay with her. prius-biotech.com

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