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Chitose Huan Professional

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Zhang Xu is extremely happy to see such a result, if the princess became his sister-in-law, then he can have a backer! Princess status is so noble, he is the princess's brother-in-law, want to be very grand, where to go in the future, that can be more confident than in the past, perhaps his brother because of sister-in-law, will no longer control him! Facing his brother's expectant eyes, Zhang Ying lowered his eyes and said nothing. He immediately lowered his head and whispered in the young man's ear, "I haven't got it yet. Please ask Ah Xu to keep it secret for my brother." The author has something to say: Qingyu: I just scolded you for being dirty and shameless, and in a twinkling of an eye you broke into my mansion? Thanks to Yiyang ttcc1128x2, Guoguo, Xiaxia, Helian Feifei x4, Slightly Fat Little Superstar x2, July Cicada x2 Landmines Thanks to the little superstar of the slightly fat world for the grenade. Thanks to a Chinese cabbage, the baby is also very sweet today, and the rocket launcher. Chapter 29 The bedroom of Princess Changning was heavily guarded, and the guards surrounded it like an iron bucket. Except for the maid who served her closely, no one else could get in. Even Zhang Xu was turned away. But these days, Zhang Xu and the whole family have become familiar with each other, and everyone who at his brother's back, sighed leisurely, and thought very maturely: "If this iron tree can blossom, I can rhind the screen to block the scene inside. Zhang Ying lifted the curtain and went in. He saw a man lying on the bed. Qingyu was sleeping there silently. His face was pale, his eyes were closed tightly, and his hair was a little messy. It seemed that he had woken up several times in the middle. A strange feeling rose from Zhang Ying's heart, as if at this moment, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,white marble slabs, he haid not protect her well, and she almost died with him. Now, when we meet again, we still treat her like this. Indeed, he could have known each other earlier, ever since he saw the hairpin. If he did not have so many scruples and refused to take the initiative because of his identity, as long as he dared to ask meping all over, Qingyu sat up with difficulty and touched her face-fortunately, the veil wass she had exchanged with her brother before she came to Qingzhou. The emperor asked, "When Changning went back this time, did he miss his late husband?"? Or work for me? She answers: "Make an end, 3 years expire,Granite Slab Supplier, I can become the younger sister of imperial elder brother." The emperor was silent and asked her, "Why bother?" "A lot of things in this world don't need a reason," she said. 。 forustone.com

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