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Childe is shameless Professional

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It is still cold and beautiful. For Ye Shallow, Shen Zhili did not hate it, but did not like it much. Naturally, in addition to the reason of Su Shen Che, there is also as a woman, Ye Shalding all the doctors in Rejuvenation Valley, are not allowed to see any so-called righteous people in Wulin for treatment, or I will kill you. Option two, you leave Rejuvenation Valley with me now,interactive boards for classrooms, and I promise I won't touch a hair of the people in the Valley.." Shen Zhili: "Cough, are there three?" The shallow blade of the leaf drove toward Shen Zhili's neck. The extremely heavy blade pressed Shen Zhili's shoulder and kept sinking. She scratched her long black and supple hair: "No, I count to three and make a decision." Shen Zhili: "Wait, wait.." Ye Qianqian: "One.." Shen Zhili is mad: "Hey, don't take you like this, let me think more." Ye Shallow face expressionless: "Two..." Shen Zhili: "Slow down,75 inch smart board, two and a half.." Ye's shallow tone slowed down: "Three.." Standing on the shoulder of the blade flashing sharp cold light, seems to have approached the neck, Shen Zhili low roar: "I choose tw she moved very quickly, but an hour and a half had already walked back, but when she came back, Shen Zhili walked very slowly, smart board for conference room ,classroom interactive whiteboard, his face was pale and hard to see a bit of pale taste, only a pair of eyes were clear as usual. Ye stood in her room with a knife, her hands around her chest, and seemed to be waiting impatiently. Shen Zhili smiled: "I've been waiting for a long time." Ye Qianqian put down his hand and exhaled, "Let's go." "Wait." Ye took a deep breath: "What else do you have?" Shen Zhili: "Er.." I'll leave a letter first, or they'll be worried. With that, she picked up her pen and quickly finished writing a piece of letter paper on her desk. She put it in a snow-white envelope, closed it and glued it. Then she wrote a line of small black letters on the envelope: Shen Zhili left a book. After waiting for her to put it away, Ye's shallow patience was finally declared to havppearance. Almost when they arrived in a town, as soon as they entered the inn, everyone's eyes would instantly look at Ye Shallow. Then it was not long before a playboy with a folding fan would come over and talk with him pretending to be concerned. In most cases, Ye Qianqian was rubbing her nine-ring broadsword, which was a terrible size,smartboards for business, and turning a blind eye to the people who came. Seeing Ye Qianqian's attitude, the slightly conscious playboy did not ask for trouble and sat back silently. Of course, there are also a small number of playboys who are thick-skinned and persevere in turning their heads to get close to Shen Zhili. hsdsmartboard.com

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