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Chi Dao by twentine Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baytown   26 views

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Duan Yucheng bought a berth ticket, two people a middle berth and a lower berth. The old man in the same compartment wanted to change seats, and Duan Yucheng gave up the lower berth neatly. The bunk he got was also the middle bunk, and he and Rona were lying on the bed, just enough to look at each other face to face. At night, the carriage lights out, Duan Yucheng secretly ran to Rona's bunk. He moved in the air, stepped out with his long legs, and stepped over to Rona's side. Train berth is very narrow,endless pool swim spa, plus Luo Na and Duan Yucheng are relatively tall and straight, long hands and long feet, lying one is hard, squeeze two even breathing space is almost gone. That's where they squeeze the pie. Rona dyspnea: … ***, what are you doing? "Why don't you make room for me?" "I'm going to be embedded in the wall!" Duan Yucheng took Rona as a quilt and hooked her long legs. Rona's face is hot and her back is hot. You smell so good. Duan Yucheng said. It doesn't smell as good as you. "I'm a man. What does it smell like?" "You are a delicate man." He snickered, and Rona added, "Delicate,hot tub wholesale, narcissistic man." He opened his mouth and gave Rona a small bite. Rona felt a row of neat little teeth on her shoulder, and felt numb all over: "Don't move.." Duan Yucheng pulled out his hand in the narrow space and pulled his collar down, exposing his neck and collarbone. Rona frowned.  She squinted out of the window. The sky was so blue that it almost flowed down. White pagodas and prayer flags could be seen everywhere on the hillside. Rona got out of bed to wash, outdoor endless pool ,China spa factory, and the people who spent the night on the train looked indescribably eroded and haggard. Rona simply washed her face and tied up her long hair. When he returned to the carriage, Duan Yucheng had already prepared his breakfast. He didn't mind the trouble and went to the dining car to get soybean milk and gruel, as well as a few dishes of pickles. The old man in the same car watched them eat, and Duan Yucheng was helpless and went to help them get one back. "Why don't you let your son beat you?" Rona asked the old man with a squint. The old man waved his hand: "My son is not good, not filial."    This style is a little unexpected, Duan Yucheng frowned, "really?" "Really." Duan Yucheng thought for a moment and said with a faint smile, "Oh, what is missing and what is envious, right?" Luo Na reacted for a long time before she realized that her IQ had been despised, and she was caught by Duan Yucheng halfway. He put his arm around her waist and was amazed by the feeling. Whoa! Your waist is really strong! They ate Tibetan food under the Potala Palace, which tasted greasy. Duan Yucheng ordered a lot of things, but Rona only let him eat one bite of each. She was afraid that if his stomach was not used to it, he would be in trouble when he went back. The national championship is getting closer and closer, and he should be in good condition before the game. After dinner,outdoor hot tub, they were going to visit the Potala Palace. Passing by a small commodity shop, Duan Yucheng asked Rona to wait for him for a while. He got into the shop and came out about three or four minutes later with a pair of glasses on his nose. Rona reached out and poked, and Duan Yucheng pushed back. Don't poke it in the eye. "Why do you wear glasses without lenses?" "You." “……” 。 monalisa.com