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Charming the heart and lungs Private

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The two men were talking when they saw another blue figure coming from a distance Ming En you just don't listen to me when I tell you not to wash your clothes I'll wash them when I come back! Although the man's tone was reproachful the love in it could not be concealed at all I have nothing to do with my free time anyway Minn pouted prettily I'll cook for you The figure swayed straight into the room Men do not pull to see more so ignore their own is really not do not pull to take a closer look at the medicine king called Suguo really Electronic Chemicals want to figure no figure to appearance no appearance left and right feet and subtle length Ming En with him is simply flowers inserted in cow dung do not pull really do not understand where Ming En that sweet feeling of happiness comes from I'm sorry if I don't help the girl Su Guo is like this except for me "Ming En blushed" Ming En I call you Ming En and you call me not to hold it How did you  this kind of thing I like to listen to gossip She blushed "He's not good to me!" Not stamping his feet a woman in love scolds her lover for being annoying which is the most attractive way to attract Ming En to speak out from the bottom of his heart No Lu Gongzi won't let me say China Chemicals but I heard it from Suguo In fact a few years ago Lu Gongzi came to Yaowanggu to inquire about how to make people with zero constitution better At the beginning Suguo ignored him and just mentioned the function of using Dragon and Tiger Dan A few years ago wasn't that when he first met himself Is he calculating so early Dragon and Tiger Dan Yes Jiang yuan is Suguo's junior fellow apprentice The last time he came back we knew that Lu Gongzi had covered all his dragon and tiger pills and provided him with all the precious raw materials free of charge so that he could develop new medicines and reduce the side effects I think this is all for you right Ming En poked the waist that could not be pulled in an ambiguous way Do not pull smile very ugly according to Ming En's train of thought reasoning Lu Pin arranged Ming En to hook up with Su Guo that is to find a free hospital for himself in the future so that he can abuse himself without worries I don't know how I can be so sure that Lu Pin won't stop here But Ming En's so-called love is probably not Lu Pin's love At best he is interested or he is interested in his own body with "jade pot with pearls" He is such a man regardless of the woman's body and feelings can not really be said to be in love with themselves do not pull after seeing Suguo more and more feel that Lu Pin is playing with himself "Ming I have something to do at home Can I leave now" I began to miss Chuanyuelou The terrain of the Valley of the King of Medicine is dangerous Mr Lu said that when you woke up let me inform him with a flying pigeon that he would send someone to pick you up "Did he come to see me while I was asleep" I don't want to ask but I can't help making a sound Ming En shook his head "Mr Lu must be Paints and Coatings too busy" She is putting in a good word for Lu Pin Do not pull originally also did not expect what just refused to let Lu Pin to pick up himself but let Ming En use flying pigeon to  hooked into bed without pulling the successful change of square She always thought Lu Pin was just a pervert but she didn't think he was so perverted Do not pull deeply regret their own Meng Lang globalchemmall.com

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