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Carry the boss to spell the lower limit Professional

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Xia Huangquan stared blankly at the smile on the young man's face. After taking a breath, he roared out: "Bastard, do you dare not stutter?!" "I was just shocked by your beauty," said Shouth, slowly moved to someone's side, "What do you want to do?" The young man bent his eyes and took out a bracelet from the pocket of his silver-gray overcoat. The chain itself was made of silver metal and blue ribbon. The most striking thing was the transparent yellow-green spar, which was worn into it. The color was clear and beautiful, and it was very pleasing to the eye. This Xia Huangquan blinked his eyes,ultrasonic spray nozzle, squatted and poked the bracelet carefully, "for me?" "Well, an apology gift." "Well, then I'll accept it reluctantly!" Shang Biluo laughed in the heart, although the mouth said so, but that happy eyes can completely expose everything. Today's girl did not tie up her long hair, but let it fall, and a few strands of hair fell on his knees,ultrasonic extraction cbd, even through the clothes, it seems that she can still feel the soft touch. Her eyes were shining like the stars on the horizon, and she held out her hand to his palm, like a kitten testing her master's new toy with her paws, poking and poking, poking and poking, and finally finding "Ah!"! This thing is for me to play! So he happily picked him up with his hairy paws. After picking it up, Xia Huangquan looked at it carefully and suddenly said, "This ribbon.." Why does it look familiar? "Cough.." Shang Biluo clasped her fists and coughed out. "Don't you put it on and have a look?" "Mysterious." Xia Huangquan muttered softly, but decisively gave up the previous topic and put the bracelet on her left hand-after all, the frequency of wielding the knife in her right hand was relatively high. After putting it on, she shook it gently and raised her hand to shine on the light. Do you like it? “…… Uh Xia Huangquan nodded, and her face, which had already recovered, turned red again. Her eyes moved from side to side, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic welding transducer, and she clumsily changed the topic. "By the way, what kind of stone is this?" "This one?" Shang Biluo grabbed the girl's hand with her right hand, gently hooked the bracelet with the fingers of her left hand, and answered softly, "It's peridot." Xia Huangquan was stupefied and said with a smile, "Peridot?"? The color is quite similar. "In ancient times it was called the'jewel of the sun ', and it was believed that it could exorcise evil spirits, and.." It is the birthstone of August. “…… August? Only then did Xia Huanryone bully her! "Hey, it's rare to dress like this, but don't be so violent!" Brother Yan dodged art and put it on his head askew. His eyes suddenly fell on the colored paper beside him. The little devil laughed. She rushed over, first this and then that,ultrasonic cutting machine, then this and that. Then she suddenly turned around, put her hands behind her back, and smiled brightly at the two men. "Throw away the hats in your hands. I've prepared better ones for you." 。 fycgsonic.com

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