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Broken Intestines Red - Lone Red _txt novel paradise Professional

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"If you don't believe me, why don't you go and see for yourself?" Said the ram with a tremor. Nangong Yi's eyes flashed, smiled coldly, and did not speak again. Did not see, Xin Tianfeng and Yan Ti both wake up, see the big feeling strange, immediately stunned. After calming down, Xin Tianfeng jumped out of bed. First of all, he said with a smile, "I wonder who is visiting at night. So they are all old friends!"! Ram Chi, I didn't think you were all people who lived under others, were driven by others, and worked for others. As soon as his face was cold, he raised his palm and waited for the chop. Gong Yangchi turned pale with fright and suddenly drifted back. Nangongyi promptly raised his hand to hold his iron wrist and said with a smile, "Two swordsmen, this kind of person is a disgrace to the tiger's palm." Xin Tianfeng could not stop him. He took back his iron palm and snorted coldly, "Brother, think about it for the sake of the martial arts world. You can't keep this kind of person!" "I know that," said Nangong Yileng. "I'm going to make it impossible for him to make waves.." Xin Tianfeng naturally understood this and spoke again at the end. The ram was cunning and scheming, and he naturally understood faster than Xin Tianfeng. He was scared out of his wits. His body shook and flashed, and he rushed out of the door. Xin Tianfeng's eyes flashed. Nangong Xuan smiled and said, "Erxia, I'll do it for you. I won't let him go like this." Raised a finger, flying out, at the right moment,oil dropper bottle, the ram red has come to the courtyard, just want to jump, the body suddenly trembled, with a bang, fell to the ground. When he got up again, his face was ashen. He looked back at Nangongyi viciously. Without saying a word, he turned his head and walked out. Not only was his walking slow and weak, but his thin figure was also full of infinite desolation. Looking at the shambling figure, Xin Tianfeng frowned and looked up and said, "Brother,Oil Dropper Bottle, forgive me for saying so. You might as well kill him." Nangong Yi said with a smile, "You're wrong about me, Erxia. He can die a hundred times in his life. But what he thinks is evil is his skill. Wouldn't it be nice if I took away all his skill and let him enjoy the rest of his life in an ordinary way?" Xin Tianfeng was shocked and moved. He changed his face and said, "Brother, I made a slip of the tongue. With his actions and your tactics, your brother's heart seems too good. For anyone else, he is not so cheap." Nangongyi chuckled and said, "Two swordsmen, why did you demote before and praise after?"? Road to leave a step, taste must be reduced by three points, life, this should be so, to everyone should be the same. Pointing to the two gentlemen of the "Ailao" on the ground, he said, "Two heroes, these two have been killed by me. Please take care of them. And the four on the street, you'd better take care of them together. Don't shock the world. I have some important things to do. I'm leaving." With these words, 30ml Dropper Bottle ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, he arched his hand. Xin Tianfeng was in a daze and said, "What's the matter, brother.." Third Master Yan followed him. "Xin Tianfeng was also relieved, but he and Yan Ti only understood half of it, and the other half, the two of them did not understand, and the imaginary Taoist nun could not say. If Gulen had been there,Amber Dropper Bottles, she would have understood. Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived. A fragrant breeze passed by, and Gulan came from the next room. Perhaps it was the improvement of her mood that made her look radiant and particularly delicate and beautiful these days. The consumption of True Qi in the exercise of dispelling "San Gong San" did not reduce her expression at all. penghuangbottle.com

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