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Big brother begged me to save his life. Professional

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"Not into the company into this is also OK," Lai You to the mirror makeup, do not look at her, "you are glad that I help you draw it, change a person can not have this effect." "Thank you, Sister Lai, for your help. If Jiang Lingye asks, I will say that the smoky makeup is all your credit." "Well.." Uh Lai You made up the powder and reacted later. Why did he feel that there was something in that sentence just now? Yan Ruo walked into the bathroom, "Bi Qiu, I want to change a suit of clothes.". Time is not enough, makeup can not be re-made, can only change the dress. Jiang Lingye walked into the conference room prepared for the interview. As a recommender, he was obliged to attend the interview. In addition to him, there are three interviewers who invite designers, photographers and stylists, all of whom are closely related to the modeling industry. When he saw Xiao Yue beside him, he raised his eyebrows and said, "I heard it was you?" Xiao Yue nodded with a smile: "Ah Zuo has something to do temporarily, so I came instead of him." "All right, I've known you for so many years, and I still don't understand you?" Jiang Lingye looked at his slightly curved little finger, "lay down a draft before lying, do you know that every time you lie, your little finger will bend up?" "Ah.." Xiao Yue later put his hands on his back, helpless and pitiful,heavy duty racking system, "when you didn't see it?" Jiang Lingye couldn't help complaining about his friend: "I really don't know what you're thinking. The top photographer actually condescended to be a new interviewer." "She is not a newcomer, I asked," Xiao Yue smiled, "she is Yan Ruo, once a fashion icon." "It doesn't matter who you are. When you come to Dingyu, even you and I are new people who have climbed up from the bottom." "That's right. Ah, here she is." With the sound of the door, the door was gently opened, the first to enter the door was a slender leg wearing silver heels, white wide-leg pants floating with the wind streamline,pipe cantilever rack, like white waves layer upon layer, followed by the upper body appeared, black leather coat short only to the chest, strangle the chest and shoulder curve of the upper body, lined with a white tights, clothes only short to the navel, with tassels falling from the hem. Half-hidden and half-hidden to block the most attractive navel. It's a common dress, isn't it? But she is so powerful that people can not ignore the aura, from the beginning of her entrance, all people's eyes are taken away, everything else has become the background board, only she is the shining star in the spotlight. The smoky makeup with thick ink and heavy colors is exaggerated to the point of being unreasonable, but her dress and aura are eerily integrated with the makeup, refining the sex. The power of feeling Instead of feeling ugly, it has an amazing effect. Tai Xing.. Sense Too handsome, too indescribable beauty. Xiao Yue pressed the SLR at hand, her fingertips trembling with excitement, Steel racking system ,Industrial pallet rack, like a fish that had not drunk water for a long time. When she saw the surging sea, she longed and rolled to embrace the sea: ""Teacher Xiao, I feel wronged in my heart. I just let the new people accept the hidden rules, and I was scolded. The whole industry does this. Why can't I do this?" "Because you are a special girl," Xiao Yue smiled gently, "especially to dare to offend the people Ling Ye brought, but also behind his back, speak ill of him." Smile is gentle, but like soaking in ice, cold to the extreme,warehouse rack manufacturer, Lai You trembled all over, facing his eyes stiffly back, looking at Jiang Lingye's gloomy face. omracking.com

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Car Brand Alfa Romeo