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Benefits of Pet Beds & How to Pick the Perfect One! Private

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Pet bed is just one facet of pet ownership, and it's one that provides a lot of benefit to both the pet and the owner. We’ll delve into what makes a good pet bed, what the benefits of pet beds are and, finally, how you can make some of your own DIY pet beds!

What are the benefits of pet beds?

If your pets are the kind that sleep anywhere and everywhere (looking at you, cats!), then you may be wondering if it’s even necessary to provide them with a designated pet bed. As it turns out, however, having a designated sleeping area is as important for pets as it is for us pet owners!


Think about it. We could fall asleep on the couch, on a sofa, a recliner or even on the floor if we are tired enough, but our bodies benefit from a comfortable and supportive bed. Both dogs and cats need beds that support their bones and muscles enough to allow adequate sleep and rest without stiffness or achiness. As your pets get older, it’s even more important for them to have proper support.


Having a warm bed that’s situated away from drafts can help your pets avoid catching colds. Floors can get cold, sofas next to air vents can get chilly and even your own bed can be too hot or cold for your pets’ liking. If your cat or dog has its own pet luxury bed situated in a warm, comfortable spot, then your pets will be able to rest comfortably and better regulate their internal temperatures.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that sleeping next to your pet is bad, per se. It just means that if your pet is negatively affecting your sleep and health, then a pet bed is a great alternative.

What type of bed does your pet need?


If your pet is healthy and young (i.e. they don’t need special orthopedic support), then making your own pet soft bed can be a great way to upcycle old materials and give your furry friend their own space.

As long as the bed is washable and supportive enough for your pet, then it’s a great way to avoid buying new products and keep old products in use for much longer!

Is your dog a senior with mobility issues, or one who suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia? Simple, low-profile dog pet beds such as pillows, nappers, pads and mats are easily accessible to an aging or aching pet.

If your dog is elderly, incontinent or prone to accidents, look for an easy-to-launder bed with a waterproof liner.

For the dog-on-the-go, portable travel beds provide instant, familiar comfort and convenience when you're on the road.

Need a bed you can use outdoors? Our weatherproof dog beds, cots and futons let your dog camp out in comfort on your deck or porch, join you by the pool or relax under a shady tree—and they're so attractive, you can move them into your home as the seasons change.