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Become a scheming white lotus flower [wear quickly] Private

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This guy, Yu Yin was so scared that he almost didn't jump up, because there were snakes, lizards and other things. Yu Yin looked up and saw a girl with white wings floating in midair. She had long light golden hair, closed her eyes and floated up and down. Her ears were a bit like elves. They were thin and long. There were two lines on her cheeks. Yu Yin is a face dog, very loyal to his heart at the moment, almost drooling: "This is this!" " The fox young lady nods slightly: "The angel clan, the occupation is the auxiliary/sorcerer, asks you to confirm." "Confirm!" "Next is the shape confirmation, please choose by yourself." Miss Fox stepped out of the way and waved the next window. It's really not much different from the game of pinching faces. Yu Yin first chose an eye named'Forest Light ', then a nose, mouth, eyebrows and face shape, and even a hairstyle. She chose the original hairstyle, a light golden waist long hair. Finally, the body, the legs are elongated, the waist is thin, and the chest. Yu Yin thought about his ten thousand years washboard, gritted his teeth and gave himself a big chest of 36 e. Skin? Just a girlish milk complexion. Miss Fox: "The character has been created,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and the game is being initialized …" Please wait at home. Yu Yin also waited, and then the next second, spinning, she had not had time to scream, fell to the ground again, there was a faint noise in her ears, Yu Yin opened his eyes,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, this is. Novice village? The prompt sound in the brain rang: "Dear Ring Tone, congratulations on your successful arrival at the novice village of the Angel Clan. The novice gift bag and the 10000000 player gift bag have been included in your package. Please be informed." "Have a good time ~" That's it? Yu Yin is dumbfounded, is not, the general game will not have a novice's guide? Why is this game not available. Yu Yin sat cross-legged on the ground and touched his whole body without finding where his package was. "Where is the gift bag?"? Isn't there a gift bag? I go! "How do you play this?!" Yu Yin touched himself again from the beginning to the end, this coarse cloth clothes did not even have a trouser pocket, filled with a hairy thing! She stood up and wanted to ask the others, but she felt a little bit like that. It was a shame. He touched the back of his head and walked forward. "Where is my package?" Just said the next second of this sentence, the eyes were suddenly blocked by a window, Yu Yin did not guard against the pace has not stopped, directly knocked down a tree trunk, was knocked down to the ground, a severe headache, she touched: "up the bag!" Is the authenticity of this game so great! The sense of pain is real. It turned out to be a call. She sat on the ground, rubbing her forehead and looking at her package, stainless steel toilet ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and sure enough, there were two packages lying inside, one blue and one red. After opening the package, Yu Yin was stunned for a moment, and then surprised slowly, the red system presented the 10000000 player's gift bag was actually an angel suit, not only clothes, but also a scepter! You should know that the clothes in the game are not only useful to wear, but also have various attributes such as defense, attack and so on! Yu Yin summoned the clothes, put them on, and checked the attributes of the clothes. Physical Defense 20, Mana Defense 20, Passive: After the character's residual blood is attacked, it will return 30% of the attack value to the attacker, that is to say, if you slap me ten times, you will also be attacked by three times. This dress is so awesome! The clothes are white and gold, like a battle suit specially made for the angels, and the scepter, which can directly magnify the character's attack power by 40%. It's easy to hit people with a suit of clothes. Yu Yin put on his clothes, held the scepter, and began his journey of Creation. At the same time, the control system of Creation processed the tasks issued by the CPU every day, day after day, and one day, he opened his eyes, and the control code gradually mutated internally. Today's task is to accept  system simulation is finished. I will repeat your information." Miss Fox: Game ID: Princess, Game Gender: Female, Race Type: Assassin/Mage. Please confirm. Xiao Lan: "Confirm!" Chapter 135 Code: Master of the World 2 This is "creation" since the opening of the service,Flushometer valve, the first request to use their real appearance to play the game home, control system overlooking the elf novice village airspace, the target will be locked in that ID'princess' player body. cnkexin.com

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