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April Professional

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Cheng Bin has a feeling that the loss outweighs the gain. He did not know whether the last time he answered Shi Nan's cell phone and pretended to be intimate with her directly caused their breakup, but he knew that the role of adding fuel to the flames must have been there. He had thought that the advantage of doing so was that he would soon be able to indirectly get Shi Nan, who was single, but he did not want her to be so badly hurt that she would leave Beijing immediately, not to mention that even after half a year, she was still unwilling to come back. It turned out that Cheng Bin pushed her far away from him with his own hands. A few days later, Shi Nan received a phone call from him, "I went too far last time. Don't be angry." It's none of your business. I should have woken up. You're right. I'm just a free virgin. Such a disparaging sentence, but her tone seems to be talking about gossip news. Why does it sound like self-abandonment? Shi Nan, I tell you, don't do anything stupid over there. "I will not punish myself for the immorality of others." She finally chuckled. I hope. Cheng Bin finally said, "I have done all the formalities for you, and the money for breaking the contract is also free.". But on one condition. "Go ahead." "If you go back to China in the future, you must come back to me." Shi Nan then began to look for a house in Amsterdam, no time to look around, hurriedly booked a two-bedroom apartment, and a Dutch girl Madeleine shared. She has never had the experience of renting a house outside, let alone sharing a house. At first, she felt good, but later she gradually found problems. Madeleine is very nice, warm and cheerful. She is younger than Shi Nan. She just went to college and lived outside for the first time. Shi Nan likes her very much. The only problem is that she often brings her boyfriend back for the night. They shared the bathroom, and Shi ran into her boyfriend several times in the middle of the night or in the morning when he went to the toilet in a daze, but he even said good morning and good night to her with a smile. When Shi Nan was about to fall asleep that night, he heard Madeleine's intermittent cry. She knew what it was, and she had made that sound. At that time, he said in a crisp voice that made her tingle, "Shi Nan, why do you call so well?"? The next morning, Madeleine, with a ruddy complexion, saw Shi Nan smile at her and said, "Nan, don't you have a boyfriend?" 。 Holding the soaked cornflakes, Shi Nan sat down and said, "No." Madeleine smiled mysteriously. On the weekend, she brought back a boy, Shi Nan looked familiar, but did not remember where to see. Madeleine said, "Nan, this is my brother Hita." No wonder it looks like her. Shi Nan and Hita shook hands and said hello to each other. Hita is three years older than Madeleine, Pallet rack supplier , but one year younger than Shi Nan. She just graduated and didn't look for a job. She worked as a social After Shi finished his last bite, Hita wiped her mouth with a tissue. It's the Dutch woman I like. He looked down at her, his white face flushed, and said softly and hoarsely. Shi Nan felt dizzy. omracking.com

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