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Ao Feng _ 5 Professional

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Even if she is really a fire-breathing dragon, it depends on whether her opponent is qualified or not! If it is Luo Feng in front of us now, it is still possible to kill him impulsively. Enmity ran away, but how could Luo Feng have the ability to force her to start? Ao Feng has not yet breathed fire, but Rhoda over there has already begun to breathe fire. While Ao Feng and Jin Ya were flirting with each other, the second young master, who had always been spoiled, jumped up like a cat whose tail had bcrown of Rhoda." Take it easy. Don't be so nervous. In fact, the people of the Thirteen Tribes have basically known that your brother was burned to a cripple by me. You accidentally made a mistake. I won't blame you, don't be afraid to be like this, rest assured, this is human nature,electronic board for classroom, there is nothing to be ashamed of. "You.." Instantly, Roda was so angry that his eyes were round and his face was red. Originally, he wanted to humiliate Ao Feng and let the Galan tribe fall from the stage, but he didn't expect Ao Feng to beat him upside down. Rake satirized his timidity, but also Luo Feng was burned by her things to shake out, this can be good, although she has no face, but the face of the Maro tribe lost even more! Is there anything more humiliating than being burned by a short-sighted hillbilly who has never seen the world? "Uh.." Jin Ya is also a burst of dumbfounded,interactive flat panel display, of course, she knows that Ao Feng is not the kind of person waiting for death, will certainly fight back, but how also did not think of Ju. But this is the way to fight back! Shit, when did a fire-breathind the sound of her roaring was so loud that almost the whole city of Qingyang could hear it clearly: "Under the crown of Luo Da, do you mean under the crown of Luo Feng?" Have been burned to impotence by me? Oh, my God, this is such a shame! This earth-shaking cry, directly let Jinya fall to the ground, interactive touch screens education ,65 inch smart board, and in all directions there are countless eyes full of gossip to the Maro tribe. [126] chap. VIII, sect. II. The second solar term is dizzy. As soon as he heard Aofeng's words, Rhoda almost lost his breath, pinched his fists tightly, and looked at Aofeng's eyes as Maro tribe almost blew up their lungs! Just them It hasn't been done yet Law refute! In fact, Aofeng said is itual fruit that reshapes the body. Though they desperately wanted to leave this damned place, the task ordered by Lord Rosen could not be completed. Cheng,interactive digital whiteboard, this one. The action immediately made people aware of the "truth", no need to ask, these spirit fruit must be used under the Luo Feng crown!. hsdsmartboard.com

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