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After being taken in by the dark cloud [entertainment circle] -- far away I Private

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He accidentally touched the back of his injured hand, bit his lower lip in pain, and his face turned pale in an instant. Wu Yun's eyes, hidden in the dark, darkened again and again, and his dark eyes flashed a touch of cold light. When the girl fell asleep, Wu Yun, dressed in a black robe, looked at the girl who was also frowning painfully in her sleep with an expressionless face. She waved away the gauze wrapped in the girl's hand, raised the back of her injured hand with deep eyes, and slowly bent down to lick the wound. The ferocious wound disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, and Wu Yun's apricot eyes narrowed slightly, blushing like his head. Looked at the wound he cured, his eyes flashed a touch of light, and began to wipe the saliva on the girl. Having done all this, he took a look at the little black ball sleeping in the girl's arms, and immediately, with a violent and dangerous smell all over his body, he waved it to the corner and took off his robe and lay beside the girl. Eyes burning staring at the delicate little face, bony hands can not help but gently depict the girl's delicate eyebrows and eyes, eyes are even he did not notice the tenderness. She hugged the girl carefully in her arms and raised the corners of her mouth slightly. Forced to lie in the corner of the small black group shivering cold, tightly curled up and hugged themselves. At dawn the next day,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, Wu Yun hid his figure on time and stood silently in the shade staring at the man on the bed. Su sugar subconsciously rubbed his eyes with his left hand, and when he reacted, the wound on the back of his hand did not hurt, he raised the back of his hand in surprise and looked at it constantly. Is the wound really healed? It's not a hallucination, is it? He closed his eyes and opened them suddenly, but the back of his hand was still smooth and there was no sign of injury at all. Mama.. Cough. Cough ....” The little black group opened his eyes with difficulty, and habitually threw himself into Ma Ma's arms, and his throat was so itchy that he couldn't help coughing. When Su Tang heard the weak voice of the little black group,phycocyanin spirulina, he immediately thought of the back of his hand as intact as before. Worried and gratified, he touched his little head and kissed his black little face gently: "Thank you for helping Ma Ma cure the wound. It's really good. Sleep for a while." "Good.." The little black group nodded uncomfortably and fell asleep again in a daze, completely unaware of what Ma Ma had just said, only that Ma Ma had kissed it. Watching his credit being taken away by Wu Hei, Wu Yun's silver teeth bite secretly, and his eyes condense the violence that can't be dispersed. Chapter 6 Su sugar carefully covered the quilt for the small black ball, touched some hot forehead, went to hit a basin of water soaked towel on its forehead. Go to sleep and come back when you wake up. Slightly bent down to kiss the cheek of the small black group, the sleeping small black group subconsciously rubbed the warm hand of Ma Ma, murmuring. Sugar gently put on his coat, looked at the back of his hand, frowned and re-wrapped the gauze. Before he left, he looked at the little black group who had fallen asleep, and his eyes flashed with worry. With a sigh, he closed the door and waited for the others in the yard with Bai Xia. Yesterday, best green coffee bean extract ,ghana seed extract, the task has been sent down, as long as the six of them succeed in collecting firewood, they can get a long-lost meal. Sister Bai. "Sister Bai." Right Chi and Shi Hua politely nodded to Bai Xia, and when they saw the sugar next to her, their eyes quickly flashed a different color, and they quickly smiled at her. Although Su Tang was surprised that they actually greeted her, he smiled back politely. After waiting for a long time, Sun Ran and Zhao Yangyang came slowly. Bai Xia glanced at them lightly and said to Su Tang next to her with a smile, "Let's go early and come back early. It's still raining today." "Good." Sugar nodded, looked at the gloomy sky, and unconsciously quickened his pace. The little black group is still at home alone, and she has a low fever this morning. She has to go back early. Right pool and birch looked at each other, quickly followed up, Sun Ran frowned and raised his feet slowly to follow them, Zhao Yangyang hid his feet and stared at the back of Su Tang. Because of the rain last night, the way up the mountain was very difficult to walk. Su Tang walked carefully in the front with a stick, and Bai Xia panted behind her. According to the villagers' instructions, the place with more firewood is deep in the forest, but there are no carnivores, so personal safety will not be threatened. After  sweat on his face, looked at the same difficult Baixia next to him, and they couldn't help laughing out loud at the appearance of their sisters. OK Bai Xia carried two bundles of matches on her back and almost bent down,ghana seed extract, but Su Tang held her in time to avoid disfigurement. The way down the hill was very difficult and muddy, and with the heavy firewood behind him, Su Tang walked very slowly. prius-biotech.com

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