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After Ascension _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise Professional

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"Forget it, Donghou, we didn't come here this time for the Xuanming Book. Ziyu already has the Taixuan Sutra in her hands, so she doesn't need any other martial arts at all.". This is ancient. There are very few people in kendo. This man is a master. It will be useful to keep him. At this time, Ziyi Zihuang spoke. He stretched out his hands and hugged Donghou from behind. The frost on Donghou's fahe whereabouts of the real Xuanming Book. Ha ha, but it's a good abacus. A sneer came from the sky, the crowd looked up, tightly under the clouds, a tall, almost two meters of men are holding their chest in the void. The man was dressed in black iron armor, with a rough face, a slightly dark complexion,65 inch touch screen, a short beard on his chin, and a black and red cloak dancing in the air behind him. The only thing that made people feel strange was the man's purple eyes, which were as bright as torches even though the sky was dark and separated by a distance. This man, I want the Demon Domain, the South Rising Beidou Sword Sect, you'd better not intervene! The man's loud voice swirled in midair, and as soon as the voice fell, suddenly a rain of fire fell from the sky, and in the middle,smart boards for conference rooms, a huge fireball fell from the sky. Hum! Fire Devil Chi Lian Zong! Dare to be insolent in front of my purple emperor, you are self-destructive! Zihuang, the leader of the Beidou Swordg Beidou Sword Sect, exploding a heat wave, blowing up dozens of masters of the South Rising Beidou Sword Sect. Then, a dark red figure popped out of the flames and appeared in another open space. It was Chi Lian Zong, who was called the Fire Devil. At this time, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,digital interactive whiteboard, he was stroking his left arm and grinning his teeth. His left arm was already broken at the elbow. Dark red blood gurgled from the broken arm. Boom! Lightning flashed and thunder roared, the  is selfless killing The twenty-sixth chapter is selfless killing Demon domain five will, wind demon, thunere are too many people, my martial arts can only kill one by one, even if the speed is faster, it will take some time, this time I will not do it, you do them all by yourself.". Kill them all! Happy to smile, but the content of the words is to let all people feel cold,86 smart board, this woman regards human life as worthless, this kind of expression, is absolutely killed a considerable number of people will have. hsdsmartboard.com

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